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Vibrant and full of energy, colorful watercolor splashes can convey the entire spectrum of feelings and emotions! They can depict anything from sparkling joy to rainy despair. I adore this technique born during playtime with my children!

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 02.41.27.png

The Territory of Life

It so happens that all of my thoughts and feelings now revolve around the war in my homeland. War always diminishes the cost of human life but significantly increases its value. This series of arts is about how, through the prism of pain and daily losses, every minute of life appears brighter and more powerful, while simple things become more noticeable and important. This art pieces are about the acute sensation of happiness from the scent of the first flowers, the blue sky, and the warm touch of the sun on the skin, despite the tense anticipation of daily hardship. They are all about life.

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